Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some Skills Persist

The caregiver, Grace and I will often play "Wheel of Fortune", sort of like hangman. I was surprised that Grace does pretty good at figuring out lengthy, partially completed word puzzles. She is not too sharp at selecting appropriate letters for the puzzle, but once the puzzle starts to take shape she furrows her brow in deep concentration and then BOOM - she gets it! Last week she solved The Field Museum of Natural History with just 5 or 6 letters on the board...I was amazed.

And I continue to be corrected when I make a grammatical error such as, "Where is mywife at?"

"That is not correct grammar!"

Since the onset of winter the morning greeting has always included, "I hate winter, when is winter going to be over...?" I believe we're all wondering the same thing.


Squinting2C said...

Imagine what she could have done to you ten years ago...

Squinting2C said...

...oh and BY THE WAY.... the CORRECT grammer is "GRACE DOES PRETTY WELL"
For $10, I won't tell her.