Monday, March 8, 2010

Grace on the Go

I will try to get a better video later. But this repetitive behavior is fascinating. She has asked "Can I Go?" about 3 bazillion times today. She has no idea where she wants to go and has zero plans for getting there.

At the end of the video, I laughed because my parrot had decided to climb down from her cage and walk over to me.

Going, Going, Gone

G: "Can I go? Can I go?"

Me: "Yes you can go."

Grace lays back down. A few minutes pass.

G: "Can I go? Can I go?"

No one answers immediately

G: (in a weak voice, pleading) "Please? Please? Can I go? Please please?"

The Caregiver: “I’ll be there, Grace, just wait a minute while I clean up from lunch.”

G: (in a weak voice, pleading) "Please? Please? Can I go? Please please please please?"

Me: ”Yes you can go.”

G: “Okay, thank you.”

I go back to my computer.

G: "Can I go? Can I go?"
Imagining her in a nursing home, asking this over and over and no one answering saddens me. I imagine her saying .. "Please? Please?" And everyone too busy or too used to this question being asked repeatedly.

A Typical Morning

Grace is laying on the couch, clutching her dog who happily stays with her. The caregiver is next to her in a chair. I go into the kitchen to stir my simmering oatmeal.

Grace: "Edie? Edie? Can you come here?"

Caregiver: "Grace, what do you need?"

Grace: "Edie? I need you."

I walk over to her

Me: "What do you need?"

Grace: "I need.... I need...."

Grace looks around, concentrating on her scattered thoughts.

Grace: "I need you to tell me I'm alright."

Minutes later she is on one of her walks. She shuffles through the kitchen in her walker, the caregiver right behind her.

Grace: "Is that a refrigerator?"

Caregiver: "Yes"

Grace: "They have a refrigerator here? That's nice."