Monday, March 8, 2010

Going, Going, Gone

G: "Can I go? Can I go?"

Me: "Yes you can go."

Grace lays back down. A few minutes pass.

G: "Can I go? Can I go?"

No one answers immediately

G: (in a weak voice, pleading) "Please? Please? Can I go? Please please?"

The Caregiver: “I’ll be there, Grace, just wait a minute while I clean up from lunch.”

G: (in a weak voice, pleading) "Please? Please? Can I go? Please please please please?"

Me: ”Yes you can go.”

G: “Okay, thank you.”

I go back to my computer.

G: "Can I go? Can I go?"
Imagining her in a nursing home, asking this over and over and no one answering saddens me. I imagine her saying .. "Please? Please?" And everyone too busy or too used to this question being asked repeatedly.


Squinting2C said...

I just walked by her and she asked.."can I go to her rag barrel?"
Anyone know what that is?

Julie said...

Getting caught up on your posts, Edie.

The cries you hear in the nursing home are heartbreaking. "Help me" is one I hear nearly every time I'm there, and they always go unanswered because they are so common. No one even looks up, except me. I wonder what has to happen to generate some real interest? I understand the patients do repeat things over and over, and that particular cry is a common one often with nothing prompting it, but it is the saddest thing to hear/see/experience in action.