Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Letter That Will Never Be Mailed

Dear Dad,

I miss you so much. I still think about you every day, think about your smile, your laugh, the way it felt when I put my arm in yours, my head on your shoulder…I remember the way you made me feel. You were so good to me. I hope I showed you how much I loved you and how much I appreciated you.

My girls miss you too. They talk about you and wish so hard you were here. They want to tell you what they are doing. You’d be so proud. They are such beautiful young women. Part of what they are today is because of the love and attention you showed them daily when they were small.

I’m doing my best to take care of Mom. She is so frail and confused, but she remembers you. She has a picture of you on the table where she sits. It’s getting harder and harder to understand her and she is having an equally hard time understanding her world, but she says something about you every day. She tells anyone who will listen what a wonderful husband she had. You blessed us all with your time here.

I love you so much.



Mandy Muehlbauer said...

That's so sweet mom. You described perfectly how I feel about him. I wish I could tell him everything that's going on with me right now, and how much I'm proud of him. I brag about him whenever I can. Love you!

John said...

Your letters from him to your mom and his memoirs have made him real to me. I know that he really loved your mom. And, I know that it was her love that helped him make it through some very difficult times in his life. I know he was a very special person.