Sunday, December 7, 2008


Grace is fading. She sleeps a lot and even awake does not sit up. She is much more docile and less argumentative. Time has no meaning for her. I left for four days and instead of being lectured about my absence, she greeted me as if I stepped out to walk the dog.

She asks for the wheelchair. Before she resisted and refused. She sits slouching at the table while the caregiver coaxes her to eat with spoonfuls of pureed food. All the while she asks if she can go lay down again.

She wears a diaper and accepts it as if she it is perfectly normal. She doesn't even mind sitting in a soiled diaper so we have to be vigilant detecting any 'events.'

Her world is softening. She is in a fuzz. At times she presses for me to sit with her and hangs on to my arm as if she were falling. It is amazing what a grip can be produced by a woman who maybe weighs 90 pounds.

I have called Hospice. I expected to be told that it was too soon. Instead the intake coordinator was extremely supportive and stated that she was definitely a candidate. That very same day we received some additional equipment to help care for her and a nurse showed up to do an initial health evaluation. I feel good about having their help.

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