Monday, March 8, 2010

Grace on the Go

I will try to get a better video later. But this repetitive behavior is fascinating. She has asked "Can I Go?" about 3 bazillion times today. She has no idea where she wants to go and has zero plans for getting there.

At the end of the video, I laughed because my parrot had decided to climb down from her cage and walk over to me.


True said...

You have to be so patient to deal with the repetitiveness, dependence and confusion. I have such a strong admiration for everything you are doing for her. It is character and not feelings that speaks volumes about a person. Given what you do, there is no greater respect that I have for you.

Squinting2C said...

Almost exactly a year ago I took this video. It is interesting because her communication skills have deteriorated so slowly. I don't think I fully appreciated the decline until I saw this again.