Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Out Loud

The strangest stuff comes out of her mouth. I finally realized that she is just saying anything she is thinking. Imagine that. Think of your day. What if YOU said just anything you were thinking. Standing in an elevator, suddenly you'd say...

"Can't you just WALK up one floor?"

"Boy I wish I could fart."

"Geez that's a really ugly shirt."

"Wonder what would happen if I hit all the buttons?"

"Now I remember why I never wear these socks."

She has no restraint, no understanding of what is kind and tactful, no concept of people being able to hear her or not hear her. It's like she runs entirely on impulse. Some of her comments are under her breath. She can't just think. Her thoughts leak out her mouth. Grace has no control over this nor does she care.

For us, that means we don't need to hang on every word she says. We need to determine when she is talking to us and when she is just "thinking."

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