Sunday, April 20, 2008

Six Pounds of Magic

Dogs are amazing. They love unconditionally and trust blindly. Grace has an ugly little dog named Blackie. He is missing teeth and should be the founding member of Fur Club for Dogs.

Blackie adores Grace. He has to be with her every minute. If the bathroom door separates them, he cries outside until she reappears. When she sits, he is in her lap. When she lays down, he is in napping next to her. At night, he slithers under the sheets to cuddle up right next to her. As she and her Alzheimer’s brain starts to wander, he is right there following. Smart enough to keep from being under foot, he looks up adoringly waiting for an indication of direction.

She is never mad at him. He can do no wrong. He is her best friend. She talks to him and he loves it. His little tiny body heaves a heavy sigh as it curls up in her boney lap. There is no medicine that does her as much good as the warmth of that little dog.

Blackie does not notice the diminished brain power. He loves her no matter what. She never seems to forget him. We take care of his physical needs and he takes care of her heart.

No one reaches her like he does. He went from a life alone with Grace, to being one of four dogs. One of our dogs is a therapy dog and we have noticed how he too can reach the Alzheimer’s patients. The ones that haven’t talked in days, suddenly look up, smile and say something to the dog.

I know how I feel when I am greeted by the wagging tails, barks, and licks. It is so good for her to have that connection. Dogs are magic.

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