Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Do NOT Go there. Just Don't.

When I tell people what I’m going through, I am always surprised to hear that the listener knows JUST what I’m going through. Without provocation they continue to tell me that they have a father, aunt, mother in law, grandmother, whoever with Alzheimer’s, or they have noticed changes in their father, aunt, mother in law, grandmother, whoever who is currently living on their own, or they remember as a kid….. sure.. they know JUST what I’m going through.

I think not.

I am dumb enough to even say… “I don’t think so….”

This is met with resistance and objection. “Oh no, I DO!!!”

Sorry, unless they have bathed her, been the object of her wrath, heard her question asked every 30 seconds for HOURS, held pans as she's tried to talk while throwing up, tried to coral her from walking out to see your teenagers friends without pants, listen to her sudden lectures about how I mean I am, how I ignore her… sorry, they just haven’t.

And telling me they have just belittles what I am going through. It tells me they truly have no idea, that they don’t know anything about sundown syndrome that they don’t know what it’s like to guess what THAT new word means.

They just don’t.

But when they do, if they do, I can listen.

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