Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ramming Speed

Note to the caregiver agency.....

Just last month I replaced the dishwasher and they still don't know how to work it. Today I have a new washer machine to replace one that was not new, but too young to have mysteriously died.
The delivery people specifically instructed D to not run it until the manual was read; that this washer machine was tricky. D told E and E admits to hearing this. However, E completely ignored instructions and threw a load in. When I told her about this, she very sarcastically said "OH MY GOD" like I was making a big deal out of a little thing.

From this moment forward, I do not want any of your employees to use any appliances expect the blender, stove and refrigerator. I don't even want them using the disposal as I came home one day to find one of the caregivers jamming and banging a brush down it. They can through garbage out and wash dishes by hand. I have also had to pick out broken dishes from the old replaced dishwasher. That machine died because the soap dish had been chronically overloaded.

I will process Grace's laundry and leave it to them to sort. I don't want to have to keep replacing pricey appliance due to abuse.

PS... when I got home, E would not look at me nor speak to me. Guess she's mad. What she didn't know is that I prefer the silence.

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