Thursday, May 21, 2009

Slip Sliding Away

This morning I came downstairs to my mother in the bathroom off the kitchen. This is mildly refreshing as she hasn’t been in that bathroom for several weeks. She wears her bathroom. The current caregivers are ambitious and actually try to put her on the toilet now and then. They also try to patiently teach her to tell them when she has to urinate, but without much luck. Memory is a key element in education.

Her slide is elusive. Certain topics elude her; others stay with her. As she was done with the toilet, I could hear the hand washing discussion. She didn’t feel it was necessary since she didn’t touch anything. Actually she didn’t remember touching anything. Same thing to her.

Leaving the bathroom, her mind finds a moment of clarity as she asks the caregiver if she should turn right or left. The clarity was brief. The next question to the caregiver was about me.

“How long have I known her?”

The caregive answered patiently. “All her life.”

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