Saturday, June 28, 2008


I received a text message at work ...

"i found a whole ice cream bar in your mother's toilet"

Of course this was immediately followed by...

"had to plunge out your mom's toilet...yecchhh"

All I could think of was, "wow, that was a DOVE BAR!!!"

She used to love ice cream bars. Every day she'd eat several of the little dove bars and made sure she had a huge supply in the freezer. When my kids were little, they always knew they could count on that smooth chocolate melting in their mouth. My older one always felt it important to suck out all the ice cream and then deal with the chocolate last. This of course resulted in the chocolate being more of a fashion statement than a dessert. At the age of 20, she's grown out of this.

I think.

So why Grace felt it was okay to toss this one out is the sign of a huge mental slide. Others would say that just never flushing was a big deal. Ok, yeah, that's not good. But the Dove bar. REALLY. That is pivotal.

If asked, she will tell you that she flushed, she always flushes, or (my favorite answer) she never uses THAT toilet. I particularly like the last answer when she is talking about the toilet in her bedroom or she is just emerging from a bathroom that she just used. Not only that, but the mere question evokes her new 'mean' look. Sometimes if she wants to really crank it up, she'll shuffle over to you and give the 'mean' look really close. You have to wait a bit for her to drag her wrath over to your face.

I try not to laugh. This 'mean' look from a 103 lb woman who cannot get anywhere without shuffling and nearly losing her balance has very little impact.

Man, but a DOVE bar. Can you imagine?!?!

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